Frenetic Happiness is a Social Publishing House created in 1999. 

Frenetic Happiness is a platform for merchandise that we make, we print, we steal or has been donated and then we sell. By buying, you are supporting an artist that can then produce or make a printed project for Frenetic Happiness to sell. So buy and become involved. Thank you. 

Exhibition – The entire Frenetic Happiness catalogue / archive of art-artefacts, books, zines, press-releases etc.  can be borrowed by arrangement. (Single objects can also be borrowed) 

Frenetic Happiness can be bought, the name, the site and our entire Frenetic Happiness catalogue and archive is for sale. 
For more information about Frenetic Happiness please contact us. Frenetic Happiness can be found on Facebook, updated news will be posted from time to time.

contact Frenetic Happiness here