Christopher Wool/Felix Gonzalez Torres poster from “Untitled - (The Show is Over)” 1993

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ and Christopher Wool’s collaboration “Untitled - (The Show is Over)”, 1993, can be seen as an extension of the idea of text and picture as an object subject to interaction; it is literally a stack of posters that the public may take away with them. The text is taken from the Belgian philosopher and Situationist Raoul Vaneigem’s manifesto The Revolution of Everyday Life, and is printed without spaces between the words. The compact presentation of the letters makes the sentence structure disappear; the meaning is obscured and then reappears through the visual effort of reconstructing the language.

Originally exhibited as part of the artists' 1993 collaboration for Printed Matter in Dia, New York, this example was from the group show A Matter of Words at Oslo Contemporary 2012.

Untitled (Poster), 1993
Offset lithograph on paper
55.5 × 37 in/141 × 94 cm
Unlimited edition